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Ivy's Icons

Random Icons of Joy

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Welcome to my icon-journal. Feel free to poke around and check out the icons, just don't forget the following things:

1. Credit me! This is really important to me and it really hurts when you see someone using an icon you made and they didn't even mention you. Therefore, please credit me in the keywords section of the icon if you choose to take and use one (or two or five or whatever).

2. Comment! I love getting feedback so comment away when you take some! The more you comment, the more I know what people like so I can post more along that line.

3. Friend me! Feel free to friend this journal and I'll friend you back right away.

4. No hotlinking! Please host all icons on your own server so as not to clog mine. Thanks.

5. Requests! I do take requests of all varieties. I'll try to get back to you with the requested icon as fast as I can but I am at college so that cuts down on my icon-making time (or at least it should if I'm doing this whole college thing right). If you do request something please give me any text you want on the icon, the picture you want me to make the icon out of and any other specifics you can give. Please no vauge requests like "I like pretty icons, can you make me a pretty icon?" That doesn't help me out.

That's it for now, so enjoy the icons!